Huge Shopping Malls, Inspection

The inspection for the light in the mall in the Middle Easts done by skilled labors. However, due to the shortage of skilled labors in recent years, inexperience inspection workers are struggling to keep the maintenance quality.


Because the conventional way of the inspection creates human errors such as miscounting the numbers of lights in the mall and requires skilled labors which takes training costs to educate since majority of them are part-time workers, the leading developer in the Middle East is looking for a solution that can simplify the process of inspecting more than 20,000 lights in a large mall.


MFA does not choose users. This flight system allows everyone to conduct the autonomous inspection of lights easily and accurately. The user simply set up the flight path by using the MFA’s app and put markers on the flight path which is displayed on the app. Once the path is set, the drone autonomously starts the inspection and follow markers and the user can check the result of the inspection on the app. By utilizing MFA and minimizing the labor cost, the user can both maintain the quality of inspections and reduce the training cost.

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