Indoor constructions, Photographs and Records

At large-scale construction sites such as buildings, stadiums, and public facilities requires progress management of human resources and process control with machinery which needs adjustments every day. Besides the management, acquiring and organizing various information for the purpose of reporting to the local government and the client is essential for maintaining the construction quality. However, due to the shortage and decrease trend of skilled labors in recent years, workers are struggling to manage the construction progress and its quality.


In the construction industry, workers and supervisors take photographs and keep records frequently for the purpose of the supervising the construction progress. However, since field workers and supervisors have own tasks which need to be prioritized, they only take minimal photographs of the construction site. Because they have to make a detailed report for tracking progress, they considered utilizing a ground robot for automating photography and recording. Yet, at the construction site, there is a limit maneuvering the ground robot due to obstacles scattered on the ground. They also considered utilizing an autonomous flying drone such as SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), however, the drone requires mapping for the autonomous flight and it is laborious and time-consuming to conduct this mapping process since the construction site changes daily.


The Spiral’s MFA system and 360-degree camera enable drones to follow the selected route and automatic photography. Because the drone follows markers, the mapping is not required before the flight which is time-saving.
The operator simply decides the route to be photographed and download markers on the MFA app which would be put on the flight path at the construction site.

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