Denied-SLAM indoor drone autonomous flight system

MarkFlex®Air(MFA) consists of markers and modules that can be attached to existing drone flight controllers with one touch, and autonomous flight operation software. The flight controller provides basic control of the drone and the MFA enables autonomous drone flight under non-GPS environment.




  • Installed on any drone
  • Obstacle detection function installed
  • Reduction in size and weight


  • Stores flight instruction information
  • Created by users
  • Readable in the dark
    *Operable with illuminance of 40~100lux

③Autonomous flight operation software

  • Flight path design
  • Understands flight status
  • Intuitive operation screen


System example with MarkFlex®Air



No wireless operation, no mapping, no AI. All you need is a marker.

Since the MFA is completed only by airframe and markers, wireless flight control is unnecessary.
Therefore, it can be used more safely because it prevents falls due to wireless communication failure and interference.
Moreover, since there is no mapping or advanced technology such as AI, it is easy to operate at sites without specialized knowledge.

About MarkFlex®Air

Image movie of MarkFlex®Air

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Spiral customize the airframe which meets the customer needs in cooperation with partner companies

We provide a comprehensive solution utilizing MarkFlex®Air to customers with our alliance partners.


Provide solutions by a global development team

Members with deep experience in robotics, FA, drones, IT and in the computer vision industry gather from all over the world to design and develop systems that integrate hardware and software.
With a wide range of business areas in construction and civil engineering, we provide speedy solutions using drones. We also provide solutions not only in technological development but also in the business aspect for customers.


1.1 Conduct environmental research and flight
1.2 Autonomous flight demonstration and the development of requirements specification
STEP.2 Customized development
2.1 Customized development and incorporation into existing work
2.2 Testing on site and formulation of additional functions
STEP.3 Technical operation
Start operation in an actual practice




Technology verification
We carry out PoC to verify the practicality of drone and the adequacy of investment.
We deliver solutions to solve customer problems while investigating the site environment and verifying each barrier.
Foreign Demand
The manufacturing industry companies often have factories and facility bases overseas. At Spiral, we have multinational engineering members who have abundant experience and who are able to solve the global problems of customers throughout the oversea networks.
Resolve labor shortage by automation
Advanced technologies such as robotics and AI are gathering attention as there is a serious labor shortage at construction sites.
It is possible to reduce labor costs and the number of processe with automation of work by replacing the inspection work with an autonomous flight drone.


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