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Spiral is an engineering company that creates innovative ideas through connecting “people to people” and “technology to technology”.

The four spirals in our logo are drones and represent the experience and skills of the people involved in Spiral. By working together, we can come up with fresh ideas and solve problems that cannot be done alone.




Leading innovation in autonomous indoor drones and technicians.



At a space level, rethink and realize a society where humans and robotics coexist in harmony.


Today, there is an increasing demand for services that are individually optimized and keeping the pace with the rapid increase in population and social structural changes. Under such circumstances, technological innovation necessary for robots such as AI (artificial intelligence), information processing technology and miniaturization technology are undergoing rapid growth and development. Robots that possess machine-learning systems are available to provide solutions and services.

Robotic technology supports client prosperity and desires through automation and optimization and we predict that a future where humans and robots will coexist.

Our vision is to rethink and realize a society where humans and robotics coexist in harmony at a space level.

On the other hand, I feel that the current developments of robots including indoor drones that are self-sufficient are not a true necessity to the field. This is a challenge that I have considered through my experience of being involved in the robot industry for more than 10 years as a development, industrial technology and sales engineer.
Spiral values R&D with on-site technicians and will continue to create values that are fresh and will continue into the future.

CEO & Founder
Tomohiro Ishikawa

Our story

“Make efficient use of flying robots for people’s lives”

Representative Ishikawa was absorbed in the design and development of ultra-small satellites and space material research when he was a student, and participated in the founding of a flying robot venture while he was a university student.

Since 2009, he has started development of VTOL (currently Drone) for the purpose of inspection of transmission lines, but there was a large problem in flight control technology at high altitude, and the project was discontinued in 3 years. He realized the difficulty of controlling the drone outdoors. He tried acquiring new customers by using drones for monitoring at warehouses but was not successful.

While working on a project of an automatic optical inspection system that combined an optical inspection device and an industrial robot at a medical device manufacturer, he worked on improvements in the field of industrial technology. As he worked with on-site technicians every day, he realized the necessity of the development with on-site perspective.

He was convinced of the demand for indoor drones when he was asked at the event, “Can you use a drone for inventory in a warehouse?” In October 2016, he supposed that it would be difficult to introduce it on-site with conventional technology, and then he co-founded Spiral Inc.

Aiming for global business development from the beginning, in 2018, he visited 23 countries around the world and confirmed the need for indoor drones worldwide.

Since 2019, Spiral has employed engineers from Pakistan, Rwanda and India. We will provide solutions utilizing “flying robots” that and will be an innovator and leader of “on-site technicians”.


Tomohiro Ishikawa

CEO & Founder


While he was a university student, he participated in the founding of a flying robot venture in 2007. He engaged in the development of various flight robots such as VTOL (drones), micro satellites and small rockets.

At a medical equipment manufacturing company, he launched a project for an optical automatic inspection robot system with a European manufacturer and led the project as a system leader. As an industrial engineer, he worked on on-site improvements and realized the necessity of line of sight. His next venture in robotics engaged in industrial robot introduction support and project management for SMEs. He has launched many projects such as new businesses and METI subsidy adoptions. In 2016, he co-founded Spiral Inc. and became the president.

Mark Fassler

Tech Lead


Nobuyuki Fujitani

Senior Control Engineer

Hideki Okumura

Product Manager

Olivier Mugiraneza

Senior Hardware Engineer


Sarath Asoka

Control Engineer


Takaaki Ishii

Senior Computer Vision Engineer


Ali Hassan

Computer Vision Engineer


Nisha Akole

Computer Vision Engineer


Yukiho Ito



Takuma Kagi



Minoru Ishikawa

Technology Advisor

岡崎 力也



Hideyuki Takeuchi Technology Partner
John Linney Mentor
Kenta Tohara Management of Intellectual Properties / patent attorney
Minoru Itakura Technology Advisor


About us

Name Spiral Inc.
Establishment 2016.10.27
Management Tomohiro Ishikawa, CEO & Founder
Business Development of drone autonomous flight system under non-GPS environment
Head office 2-49-2 Horikiri, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo,124-0006, Japan

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