Spiral MFA

Automatic patrol solution

In response to your installation environment, Spiral provides total solutions from autonomous flight to image analysis

  • Drone
  • Automatic charging station
  • Periodically automatic patrol
  • Video shooting
  • Image analysis(Option)

Operation flow

  • 1
    Flight path design

    Set the flight path with the Web app

  • 2
    Place markers

    Put markers at the construction site

  • 3
    Equipment setting

    Set the drone and automatic charging station

  • 4
    Automatic patrol flight

    Push the take-off bottom on the Web app

  • 5
    Confirm the patrol result

    You can check on-site progress using the Web app


Dam audit corridor
  • Instrument check
  • Abnormality detection
  • Confirmation of the entire corridor
Shield tunnel
  • Belt conveyor meandering monitoring
  • Confirmation of overall tunnel condition
Mountain tunnel
  • Confirmation of tunnel face condition
  • Belt conveyor meandering monitoring
  • Confirmation of overall tunnel condition


Capable of autonomous flight without radio

All you need is the drone and markers. Even though no GPS environment, drone can fly autonomously by direction indications embedde in markers

Efficiency without drone operation

Fully automated operation eliminates the need to manually control the drone at construction sites. It is possible to improve work efficiency while avoiding the dangers of inspection work

Flight route making and image analysis

Using the web application, it is possible to design flight paths, take off instructions, display the current location, and display inspection results. You can centrally manage the progress management and monitoring of construction work


Spiral MFA compatible devices

Spiral provides the drone attaching MFA on to the drone itself that is manufactured by Flare Dynamics Pte Ltd.



Suitable for narrow space flight

Small autonomous flight drone equipped with MFA controller. Automatic charging station included (see video and specs for details)



Suitable for acquisition of high-performance images and videos

Middle size autonomous flight drone equipped with MFA controller.

MFA Controller


Controller(Built-in autonomous flight control software) can be installed on to the current drone and makes possible to fly autonomously under non GNSS environment.※Controller can be installed on your drone. Please contact us for more detail information.

Web application
MFA tracker automatic patrol

Automatic flight start

Drone can autonomously fly with only setting flight time (It is possible to push the button manually). It makes possible to automate the inspection work at dangerous place.

Make flight route

You can design your flight path and check your current position. You can freely set the position you want now. Create an optimal flight path.。

Progress confirmation・report

You can confirm progress of construction site at your office using videos and pictures taken by drone. You can centrally manage the work progress and monitoring.

Video analysis

Temporary material detection/creation of 3D point cloud data

By analyzing the video taken by the drone during flight, it is possible to detect temporary material and send an email to the administrator as necessary. You can also use Visual SLAM and SfM to create 3D point cloud data of the tunnel.

Introduction flow

  • 1
    Consultation on considering introduction of indoor autonomous patrol drone
  • 2
    Hearing about usage, flight environment, request and etc.
  • 3
    Proposal for solution
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
    Continued after-sales support.

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