Denied-SLAM indoor drone autonomous flight system

MarkFlex®Air (MFA) is a system that enables autonomous flight of drones by using markers based on Spiral's patented technology* even in environments where GPS cannot reach, such as indoors.
Autonomous flight is realized by the camera mounted on the drone recognizing a marker containing flight instructions.


  • Installed on any drone
  • Obstacle detection function installed
  • Reduction in size and weight


  • Stores flight instruction information
  • Created by users
  • Readable in the dark
    *Operable with illuminance of 40~100lux

③Autonomous flight operation software

  • Flight path design
  • Understands flight status
  • Intuitive operation screen

System example with MarkFlex®Air


No wireless operation, no mapping, no AI. All you need is a marker.

Since the MFA is completed only by airframe and markers, wireless flight control is unnecessary.
Therefore, it can be used more safely because it prevents falls due to wireless communication failure and interference.
Moreover, since there is no mapping or advanced technology such as AI, it is easy to operate at sites without specialized knowledge.


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