Leading innovation in autonomous indoor drones and technicians.

Spiral drone solutions are used for construction and civil engineering.
Has an automatic inspection and monitoring systems for indoor sites.
Even for non-GPS environments, our unique technology enables the drones to fly autonomously.

Specialized for indoors

Specialized for indoors

We will revolutionize the pursuit of new services in autonomous flight of indoor drones in non-GPS environments.

Thorough field perspective

Thorough field perspective

We value solving problems and R&D with on site technicians and strive to continue to create solutions.

Inevitability of flying

Inevitability of flying

We thoroughly considered why it is necessary use a flying drone solution instead of ground based robots. We will offer the optimal solutions to our client needs.


At a space level, rethink and realize a society where humans and robotics coexist in harmony.


Denied-SLAM indoor drone autonomous flight system “MarkFlex®Air”
Our drones fly autonomously with our own indoor marker system and where GPS cannot reach.

About MarkFlex®Air

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We provide the customised drone solution suitable for customers from the perspective of on-site workers.
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