Realization of indoor infrastructure facility check and surveillance automation by using Spiral MFA

Using MFA-equipped drones not only eliminates labor shortages and reduces costs, but also reduces the risk of accidents at dangerous work sites.
Drone effective usage can be expected for inspection inside of facility such as dam, tunnel ,commercial facility and distribution warehouse.
Spiral provide solutions that meet the challenges faced by our customers in their actual worksites

Introduction effect

Current situationArtificial confirmation work

  • ドローンパイロット不要
    No drone pilot needed
  • 作業時間が多くかかる
    Takes a lot of work hour
  • 入力・管理など膨大な業務が発生
    Enormous work such as input and management occurs
  • 狭小空間での危険な巡回
    Dengerous patrol in the narrow space

MFAAutomation by introducing MFA

  • 作業員数を削減
    Decrease number of worker
  • 作業時間を短縮
    Compress working hour
  • 管理の一元化・業務の効率化
    Centralized management/Improve work efficiency
  • 危険業務の自動化・負荷削減
    Automation of dangerous work・Decrease workloard

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